MDVR Night Vision Mini DVR for Thermal and Digital Devices


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A Quality DVR for Your Thermal Scope or Digital Night Vision Device

The MVDR is available with connectivity solutions for virtually every thermal imaging and digital night vision device that supports a standard NTSC/PAL video output. Options include custom rugged video cables for the ATN ThOR, IR Hunter, Pulsar Digisight, Sightmark Photon, FLIR RS series and more! We are continually adding video cable options to our line of custom rugged video cables. If you do not see a video cable for your device please contact us.

One Button Operation Video Recording Solution
The MDVR features a trigger switch that allows the user to power the MDVR on and start recording in under 5 seconds(on position). The 2-position trigger switch will also stop the MDVR during recording and power the MDVR off when flipped the opposite direction(off position). This is a critical feature to capture footage in the field for 2 reasons. First, instead of fumbling for the power button and then the record button, or looking for a loose remote or fob, the trigger switch takes care of both of those functions with a simple flip of a switch that takes less than 1 second. The trigger switch can be mounted in a variety of places which allows the user to configure the activation to their liking. The trigger switch can be flipped quickly for a slightly audibly click, or can be flipped slowly for no audible click, but always offers a positive position change report to the tip of your finger. The trigger switch also has a raised indicator bar on the side of the switch that powers the MDVR on, just in case you need to confirm the MDVR is on or off. Second, opening the recorder pouch is a bad move in the field especially during a stalk or just before a shot. Opening the recorder pouch will allow light from the MDVR’s LCD display to get you busted by that big hog or give your position away to that wise old coyote you were just about to have a shot on. It’s also unnecessary movement and wasted time which decrease the likelihood of a successful stalk. The trigger switch takes care of these problems and offers a hassle-free solution. All you need to do is make sure your scope is connected to the MDVR and the MDVR is configured correctly before your hunt. You won’t have to fumble in the dark looking for a record button, fob or expose the display causing you to miss the video that you wanted to capture.

Cable Quality, Customization, and Orientation
We are avid night hunters, and we have been at the forefront of designing and developing quality custom video cables for a wide variety of thermal night vision scopes. After years of testing, broken cables, and missed video opportunities we have developed a line of rugged and reliable video cables for thermal and digital night vision scopes. We use only the best multi-strand copper cable components and assemble each cable with an extremely high standard for quality assurance and attention to detail right here in the USA. Each cable assembly has be thought through, tested in the field, modified, and improved upon to create the most rugged and easy to use cabling for your night hunting needs. You will notice that our line of custom cables come in various lengths and orientations depending on the device that the cable is intended to be used with, and these customized solutions all have a reason – to make recording video easy and reliable.

A Quality Mini DVR
There are a wide variety of mini DVRs on the market today that are constructed with cheap plastic and don’t handle recoil. From the cheapest DVRs to the DVRs over $500, we have tested them all and are proud to say the MDVR is just as good if not better! The MDVR housing edges are made of aluminum for reinforced stability around the micro LCD display. When a DVR is going to be taken into the field night hunting it needs to be rugged, and the aluminum housing edges offer a more rugged design. The buttons are low profile and located on the bottom of the housing to reduce the overall size of the MDVR and reduce inadvertent activation. Other DVRs require an external microphone, but the MDVR offers an internal microphone with external microphone capabilities(we recommend level 2 or 3 out of 10).The MDVR also had an LCD off function that automatically turns the LCD off after 10 seconds. The LCD off function is very useful for night hunting because it reduces your visible signature to almost nothing, and also saves battery life for extended use. We have tested many different types of DVRs in the field, and the MDVR is by far the most reliable, feature rich, and easy to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some night vision scope manufacturers have changed the video output connections on current models of thermal and digital night vision devices. If you do not see or are unsure which video cable will properly connect your device to the MDVR, please call for more information


  • MDVR
  • Trigger Switch
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Data Cable
  • USB Wall Charger Adapter
  • MDVR Remote
  • Video Cable(split RCA male video, 5v 2.1mm power, RCA male audio)
  • Leather Pouch
  • Velcro to attach trigger switch
  • Velcro to attach pouch

NOTE ABOUT SD CARDS: The MDVR will accept up to a 32 GB SD card. Do not use a 64 GB card. Each GB is around 30 minutes of recording time.

Custom Molle Buttstock Pouch
The Rifle Stock Pouch Kit for the MDVR will cover and attach your MDVR to any standard buttstock. This Pouch kit for the MDVR provides a solid place to position the trigger switch as well as increased protection from dirt and dust with the heavy duty custom molle pouch. The trigger switch has a built in elastic cradle as seen below. This cradle is on both sides of the pouch to allow for right or left handed users.
MDVR pouch kit

The Rifle Stock Pouch Kit for the MDVR will cover and attach your MDVR to any standard buttstock.
unv mdvr pouch

Connectivity guide for thermal and digital devices
Below is a list of common connection cables for currently available thermal and digital night vision devices.

NOTE: The MDVR saves .AVI video files compatible with Windows operating systems. Apple PCs will require a .AVI to .MOV video file converter to view and edit video files.

IR Hunter Video Cables
The Right Angle IR Hunter video cable connects your IR Hunter Standard or IR Hunter MK II video out port to the video input on a MDVR portable night vision mini DVR. The cable is designed with military grade braided cable protection along with multiple layers of heat shrink to withstand years of use in the field. With a total length of 14 inches, the IR Hunter Video cable is the perfect length to connect the IR Hunter thermal weapon sight directly to a rifle stock mounted MVDR on a fully extended AR-15 rifle stock or any standard bolt action rifle stock. The precise length of the cable creates a streamlined system eliminating excess video cable.

There are 2 types of connections on ATN ThOR thermal scopes. You can easily tell which type of connection your ATN ThOR has by the color and design of the video out port. ATN ThOR scopes manufactured before 2014 use an MCX jack(female) on the right side under the eyepiece. This is a single hole with a gold colored plating. Choose the ATN ThOR MCX cable above for the best connectivity solution to a pre-2014 ATN ThOR scope after checking for the single gold colored jack. Begining in 2014, ATN began manufacturing ThOR scopes with a black 8-pin plug(male). Choose the ATN ThOR cable (8-pin) above for an ATN ThOR manufactured in 2014 after checking for the black connection with 8 pins.

ATN ThOR MCX cable
ATN Thor MCX cable

ATN ThOR cable (8-pin)
ATN ThOR 8 pin video cable

Pulsar Digisight
Pulsar Digisight N550, N550A, and N750 – RCA jack(male) on the right side of the scope. Chose the right angle RCA cable above for the best solution.
Pulsar Digisight Video Cable
video cable for pulsar n550, n750 and n750a

FLIR RS Video Cable
The 14″ FLIR RS Series MDVR Cable connects your FLIR RS24, RS32, or
RS64 video out port to the video input on a MDVR portable night
vision mini DVR.
video cable for FLIR RS thermal scope

Sightmark Photon

The Sightmark Photon 3.5x uses a Right Angle 3.5mm MDVR Cable

Pulsar Quantum Thermal Monoculars
The Pulsar Quantum Series HD/LD 19 and 38 series thermal monocular accept the Right Angle 3.5mm MDVR Cable.

Pulsar DFA75
The Pulsar DFA series accept the Right Angle 3.5mm MDVR Cable.

Pulsar APEX Video Cable
Note: This cable plugs into the stock video cable supplied by pulsar with every APEX. The standard video cable is usually located on the inside pouch of the factory soft case the APEX is supplied in.
Right Angle 3.5mm MDVR Cable
video cable for photon, quantum, dfa75

L-3/Insight CNVD-T Video Cable
CNVD-T cables
20.5″ CNVD-T Video Cable
7.5″ W1000-9 Video Cable


  • Remote recording activation via mounted trigger switch
  • Standard NTSC/PAL Video Input
  • 2.5″ LCD Display Screen
  • Screen time-out function to preserve battery life
  • Internal microphone on board and external microphone support
  • Wireless Remote
  • 1-Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Add 3.5mm male plug video cable(Quantum, Phonton, N850 LRF) [Add $29.95], Add 8 inch Cable for the Pulsar APEX(RCA) [Add $29.00], Add CNVD-T Video Cable(Single Pin) [Add $79.95], Add FLIR RS Video Cable(Mini USB) [Add $39.00], Add Ratheon W1000-9 Video Cable(Single Pin) [Add $39.00], Add Right Angle Armasight Zeus/Apollo Video Cable(8 Pin) [Add $39.00], Add Right Angle IR Hunter/Patrol/REAP-IR Video Cable(Fischer) [Add $119.00], Add right angle RCA male video cable(Digisight N550, N750) [Add $29.95], Add ThOR Video Cable(8-Pin) [Add $39.95], Add ThOR Video Cable(Single Pin MCX) [Add $39.95], Standard Kit (split RCA male video, 5v 2.1mm power, RCA male audio)


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