N-Vision Optics Night Vision Binocular DNVBAH

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Key Features:
Integrated helmet mount adapter
Lightweight, mult-use design
Green model

The DNVB (Dedicated Night Vision Binocular) is a true night vision binocular configuration with dual image intensifier tubes, single power source, and single control switch. DNVB can be deployed as a hand-held binocular, head mounted, or helmet mounted and may also be outfitted with optional accessories such as 3X or 5X magnifier lenses for increased range.

Ideal for surveillance and observation purposes, DNVB is equipped a short range infrared illuminator and the latest U.S. made Generation 3 image intensifier tubes.

DNVB standard kit: unit, sacrificial window(2), eyecup(2), lens cap(2), neckcord, soft carry case, lens cleaning paper, battery(2), user manual

Magnification 1x
Range Focus 25cm to infinity
Diopter Focus -6 to +2
Field of View 40°
Operating Temperature-51°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature -51°C to +85°C
Weight 588 g / 21 oz
Dimensions (inches) 4.6 L x 4.3 W x 2.9 H (inches)
Dimensions (centimeters) 11.7 L x 11 W x 7.4 H (centimeters)
Battery 2 CR123 or 2 AA (with optional adapter)
Image Intensifier Generation 3 Hand Selected Alpha Auto-Gated
Resolution, min 64 lp/mm


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