When I go out to test gear its not a short drive or trip, so relying on traditional chronographs means a wasted trip if the weather does not cooperate. Traditional chronographs rely on light to function properly, so if its cloudy another trip is required. With the MagnetoSpeed V3 light is not an issue, it uses sensors to detect changes in the magnetic field as a bullet passes over the bayonet.

MagnetoSpeed V3 attaches to your firearm with a 1″ webbing strap, three spacers and two rubber pads, all of different thickness, which can be combined to achieve spacing between the bayonet and the bottom of the firearm’s bore. Also included in the mounting kit is a heat shield for the strap from suppressors. Ideal spacing is 1/4″ down to 1/8″, and the kit ships with a 1/4″ thick space check bar to ensure that the bayonet is straight, approximate the bullet’s trajectory, and so you wont’t shoot it. Also available as another mounting option is the picatinny rail adapter allowing use on semi auto pistols with accessory rails.

The display is the control center, the brains of the system, and the data logger. Shot velocity (ft/s or m/s), maximum velocity, minimum velocity, average velocity, standard deviation (SD), and extreme spread (ES) are all saved on a Micro SD card. The display unit turns on automatically when either of the included cables is inserted, and a backlight can be turned on if desired. One 9v battery or two CR123s can be used to power the display unit. Adjustment’s to sensitivity. go from 1-11, normal sensitivity mode is setting 2, or just select normal. Normal setting is supposed to work in the vast majority of bullets, it will collect data at up to 1,100 rounds per minute. I’ve been using this chronograph for 11 months at the time of writing this, the only time I needed to turn up the sensitivity above normal was on .22lr all lead bullets. After adjusting the sensitivity up the V3 picked up the 22 lead bullets perfectly.

In summary if you want a reliable chronograph that is not light dependent, or disrupted by muzzle blast and powder debris then the MagnetoSpeed V3 is for you. The only drawback I could find was not being able to setup down range to collect data. The V3 has a higher pricetag than most standard chronographs but the savings in less “redo” trips and not getting hit by bullets more than makes up for the price tag in my opinion.