The Trail XP50 is Pulsar’s flagship thermal scope for 2017 delivering a 17 micron 640x480px 50hz sensor core. Trail scopes only come with the two most popular and usable pallets White hot, and Black hot. There are no rainbow, purple haze or any of those useless gimmicky pallets (although I really like the red hot pallet on the Helions and wish they would add it.) Pulsar claims a human sized heat detection up to 1,970 yards. There are many built in features on the Trial that other top tier thermals are not offering, including built in video recording, and eight hour rechargeable battery packs (with 20 hour accessory packs in the near future). IPX7 waterproof, fogproof and dustproof, the Pulsar Trail XP50 performs in temperatures ranging from -13° to 122°F. The trails use AMOLED display, 13 digital reticle options, native 1.6 magnification, and up to 12.8x digital magnification with the 50mm lens. Stream Vision App compatible with Wi-Fi lets you control the unit, view and download videos, and even has live streaming.

The picture-in-picture (PiP) takes a little getting used to but is extremely effective for longer precise shots! Additional features include a built-in accelerometer, stadiametric rangefinding, and wireless remote.

I have been hunting with the Trail units for two months. I’m very impressed with the Trail scopes and consider them the best bang for the buck thermals on the market right now, with the combination of great image, built in extras, and nice price point. At the time of writing this there is no sound on the video recording, and no working accelerometer. But Pulsar assures me they will be available shortly through firmware updates that can be user installed with the Stream Vision app.